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Our property aquisition specialists are here to guide you in your quest for properly zoned property. Let our industry-experienced, licensed realtors and brokers assist you.

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Sign up for one of our various membership options and let us know you are interested in property. Our specialists will assist you with zoning analyses, research, price-point negotiations, and more.

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No time is wasted! After learning of your requirements, our property specialists send you listings that meet your criteria after due diligence. All will have already been zoned for industry eligibility by the representative.

Securing the eligible location.

Ready to move forward with a listing? Excellent! Our experts coordinate the aquisition process with the owner,escrow, and all associated paperwork necessary.

Ongoing support until aquisition is completed successfully.

Your property specialist will be a support for you until the process is signed, sealed, and delivered. They will be with you every step of the way.