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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost to obtain a local license?

This depends on your local jurisdiction. Despite state law, uniformity doesn’t generally exist amongst all cities and counties. The cost can be determined by a number of factors including, but not limited to, the price your local jurisdiction sets for the application itself and all supplemental requirements.

Can I still operate a collective?

Yes and no. Under prop 215/SB 420 forming a collective and supplying product based on your membership was sufficient. With the advent of MAUCRSA, compliance means obtaining a license through an eligible entity and operation. Prop 215/SB 420 is being phased out and by 2019 most, if not all, unlicensed collectives will be at risk.

Will my city allow cannabis businesses?

Good question! Our member section has a complete knowledge bank with data that will tell you what your county and city says about cannabis. Included in our knowledge bank are downloads, documents, rules, and regulations to provide you with comprehensive intel and keep you informed.

Can I sell cannabis without a license?

In short, no. States, counties, and cities are cracking down on unlicensed cannabis sales. To avoid repercussions, we would recommend you go through the proper methods of becoming authorized to operate. We assist our members with this process.

I am not a local resident. Can I still get involved?

Usually, yes. We have seen all types of individuals and partnerships successfully apply for commercial cannabis business licensing. Local guidelines set the tone and so will your level of financial capability and your reputation with the local licensing authority. Being involved with The NOCC can only help you.

Can you help me become completely compliant?

Absolutely! We pride ourselves in being a resource and a guide for businesses, partnerships, groups, and individuals of all types understand what compliance means while executing their goals. We offer various levels of compliance assistance depending on your membership type. We are dedicated to your success.