Your venture is too important to leave to chance. Our industry experts are here to advise you on a proper pathway forward based on your goals and interests.


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Benefit from the experience of an entire community.

Among one of the greatest benefits of joining The NOCC is the opportunity to consult with an expert and learn from a thriving community of industry advocates at various stages of development. Membership includes individualized one-on-one attention from an industry professional backed by our growing database of industry knowledge.

How can we help you?

Some Ways We Help:

Compliance scaled to fit the requirements.

Zoning Analyses

Checking properties before moving forward.

Business Plans

Each tailored to your unique needs.

Regulatory Compliance

The community benefit, labor relations, environmental plans, and more.

Agency Meetings

Attending all required meetings with the jurisdiction.

Operating Plans

Per local and state requirements.


Coordinating and processing the licensing application.