Cannabis Business Acquisition Support

Cannabis Asett Analysis

Planning to invest in or purchase a cannabis business? Let us gather all the relevent intel before deciding on a cannabis business asett and ensure you are purchasing or investing in what the owner has promised. This analysis will provide a data-driven review of the cannabis asett in terms of business permits and licenses, compliance history, and purchase agreement.

Answering Important Questions

  • Does the business have the advertised permits and licenses?
  • Are the permits and licenses active?
  • Do deficiencies exist? If so, what steps need to be taken?
  • What fees need to be paid now or in the near future?
  • Is this business in  regulatory compliance?
  • What are my compliance responsibilities moving forward?

Data Driven Process

This analysis involves the following steps:

Complete Intake Questionnaire
First, our team collaborates with you to complete a questionnaire that identifies the pertinent information.

Research Business Information
We review the business documents and correspond with the relevant agencies to determine the status of your permits and licenses.

Develop Compliance Schedule
Next, we prepare a schedule that identifies approval and compliance requirements for your business.

Prepare Report
Then we prepare a report that compiles our research.

Discuss and Provide Plan of Action
Finally, we set up a meeting to discuss our recommendations and provide a plan of action “POA” for your review.

The Benefits

We design this cannabis business asett analysis to help you gain an expert, independent evaluation before making an investment decision. If you are still interested in pursuing your ideas after completing this step, we can help you with the next steps:

Other Analysis Packages

• Market Analysis
• Investment & Profit Analysis
• Operations Analysis

Once you are comfortable moving forward, our team can help you implement a full solution to realize your goals. Our clients typically move on to the following steps:

Due Diligence

• Review and Advice
• Project Assessment
• Business & Operations Planning
• Facility Design
• Business Deck


• Local Development Permit
• Local Operator Permit
• State Licenses


• Compliance Management
• Operations Management